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Are you a Retailer or Merchant with none or limited online presence?

Do you have access to data files, online catalogues, images and price lists provided from your supplier(s)?

Do you wish you could have access to millions of potential customers looking to buy your products?

If you have answered yes to the above questions then let me help you. I create and maintain ebay listings/shop data feeds, amazon data feeds and ecommerce websites for my customers.

My Services Include
Data feeds for Ebay shop listings.  Including basic template designs.

Data feeds for Amazon Shops (UK, France, Germany).

Data feeds for  Ebid.

Data feeds for Adflyer.

Creation and Maintenance of Cubecart or POWA Ecommerce Websites also available as business to business systems for your current account customers only if required.

Monthly updates of data and prices on all of the above systems (more frequent updates can be provided if required).

Weekday stock updates on all systems - subject to stock  information being available.

Google shopping feed and other search engine submissions.

Website hosting / Image hosting / Emails / Domain registration on secure and fast servers located in the uk.

My services allow you to concentrate on your business and achieving maximum customer satisfaction increasing return customers and allowing your online sales to grow and support your main business.

There are normally no upfront costs unless you require hosting services and or ecommerce sites as most of my services are provided on a % of  every sale ensuring low upfront and initial running costs.  This also ensures that it is also in my interest to maximise your sales.

Beat the recession
In todays's recession hit climate do not  limit yourself to the customer who physically walks through your door!.

Allow the whole world to view your products you have for sale online.

One of my customers went from no online services to three Ebay shops, Amazon store and two ecommerce sites with approx 32,000 lines on each one which acheived a peak in 2011 of 88,000 online sales in one calendar month.
To view a ebay shop I maintain click tdlogo
To view a ecommerce site click KLlogo

If you are interested in my services please contact me on the form below giving any details of websites or ebayID's you currently have and also what sort of products you sell and brands so that I may research any existing online items you have to see how I may best help you .  I can then contact you for us to discuss your requirements .  If you do not wish to use the form you may email me on